New Release: “Temperance” – Afterimage (2020)

Afterimage, a relatively new band from New Hampshire, USA, just released their new EP, “Temperenace”. Their sound ranges in the general vicinity of rock, with some characteristics from various genres. I listened to “Temperance”, and I share with you my opinions.

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In this EP, while it is difficult to show your range due to the length factor, there are many elements upon which they build their sound. From the atmospheric melodies of “Kingdom Come”, to the grungy vibe of “Thy Will Be Done”, their many influences are apparent (maybe too apparent). The keyboards make Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and sometimes Rush, come to mind. The guitarist has a flawless sense of phrasing, nodding at Gilmour, and Blackmore’s proto-shred. What I couldn’t place was the vocals. Sometimes they have a very old-school character, and other times they make the old-school vibe of the music more modern. Generally, it gives a specific character to their music. Granted, it needs some work, there are some timbre and intonation issues, but I can’t say I didn’t like it.

The production is very good, even in the different genres of music that Afterimage venture in, they sound like a very tight ensemble. Especially the Floyd-like soundscape in “Kingdom Come”, sounded very familiar and beautiful to me. What struck my eye immediately though, was the album art. I liked it more than I expected, both as a colour palette, and as layout goes.

This release is certainly a step that they are taking to distinguish themselves as something more than a “college band”. However, I think that they need a stronger personal music “signature” in their songs, because the genre of music that they are playing is so over-played, that it makes it so tough to be original, and not sounding like a clone of a well-established rock legend band.

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