An interview with One Step from Falling

We did an interview with One Step from Falling, regarding their brand new album “Stuck on the Wayside” (released by Pavement Entertainment), their past, and future plans.

One Step from Falling is a five-piece band from New York, playing a different kind of music, called HEADY METAL.

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Hello guys, hope everyone is well during these crazy times! With the coronavirus in full effect, can you tell me how did the quarantine affect the band’s plans for the future or even your day-to-day operations?

Steven – It’s a shame what we are going through and everyone is feeling the effect. Our live shows have been put on hold for now but have been keeping our structure in motion. We always plan for the future so this is just a minor set back. As soon as we are able we will be back on the road to promote the new album. In the mean time we have been writing immensely and taking care of some loose ends. Without the pressure of touring there’s almost a calming sensation in the studio and makes for a really good vibe, more time for experimentation, while writing new material.

Listening to your album, I found many influences all across the board, from Maynard-like vocal lines, Claypool bass tones, to ambient AND heavy guitars à la Deftones. So I think the task of making your music unique is much more difficult, when your influences already have such a distinctive sound. Do you worry about sounding “original”, or you just write songs that sound good to you, and don’t really concern yourselves about “leaving a mark”?

Steven – Our influences do play a pivotal role in our writing as does it for a lot of artists but we absolutely are trying to create our own voice in the music industry. We write organically to what ever we feel is what we would want to hear and if the people dig it then we have connected with those people on a more personal level.

As a band with many singers, obviously Steve is the lead vocalist, but generally how do you choose which one will sing a particular part in the song?

Steven – This is actually a quite simple question. Pete has the range to contrast with the harmonies and Bob has the deep tone and roar to fill in the low end, I’m somewhere in between, thus creating a perfect triad. Sometimes the words have already been written and parts get divided up at rehearsal and we figure out who’s doing what and other times lyrics just come together using call and response method.

I see you had a very drastic change in your lineup in 2019, when Ty was added as a drummer, and Steve became a full time lead vocalist. What was the reason behind this lineup change?

Steven – Drumming and singing kind of fell in my lap when we first created the band. I was content on continuing to do so because it worked and we had forward momentum but things became stagnant after a while. When I started trading fills for vocal chorus or vis versa I was slowly getting frustrated with myself. I told the guys how I was feeling and we knew we had to make a change so instead of getting a singer and re-recording all the material we found a drummer. I have always been a singer/song writer at heart so for me this was the ideal situation and it has opened up new doors for us creative wise. Ty is a sick drummer with sick ideas and with newer recent material he has brought his voice into the band and are extremely grateful to have picked him up as our drummer. He’s better than the last guy lol.

You had quite a busy year in 2019, many live concerts, with the Demons of Summer tour, and various other gigs in NY state. How do you manage being in a band (rehearsing, touring, composing), with working a day job, and spending time with your families?

Steven – It is tough to juggle everything, but it’s a way of life, this journey that we have all agreed to walk. There are sacrifices. Mostly, we have it down to a science but there are times when individuals need their time off for family and we fully support each other when that time comes. As far as work goes it takes money to make money so we all do what we can to survive and keep this machine well oiled and in forward motion.

Also congrats on your video clip, “Lung Butter”! It’s almost like a DIY project, as Joshua and Bob are members of the Wikifleeks production team. What were your main influences for the direction of the video?

Steven – Thank you! In the past we have always had a darker side to our videos, for this one we wanted to have fun with it, show our personalities a bit. Our influence for the video was mainly Foo Fighters early videos. We can remember as kids growing up watching “Big Me” and “Everlong”, they were funny as hell, even kids that didn’t listen to Foo Fighters knew the video. we wanted to do something similar.

The album title now, “Stuck on the Wayside”. What exactly does the “Wayside” mean to you?

Steven – “Wayside” was kind of a representation of the industry we were living in at that time the repeating battle of girls, money, jobs, money, tours, money, girls, sex, drugs, money, studio, money… money money money… and when I say money I don’t mean making money, I mean having to come up with money lol. It’s a grueling process, so that became our MO “don’t fall of the wayside”, and it just clicked we, named the album “The Wayside”.

I gotta say, I got confused of how the album was recorded. Because some tracks (“Wayside”, “Stuck”, etc.) were released before this album was out. Can you give me the timeline of the recording of this album?

Steven – The two Albums are a few years apart this new album is a mash up between the two. We made this discussion to do so through management.

Saw some nice acoustic live sets you guys did, what is the hardest part of transforming a full-produced metal song into an acoustic performance?

Steven – I think the hardest part was trying to capture the essence of the song from it’s natural form to something that is melodic and toned down. Not every song worked but we found the ones that resonated with us. It was a challenge to find the balance between the two but after all said and done it made us look at the songs in a different light and some of that inspiration molded into the full production version, which is super exciting.

Finally, I really like how you don’t take yourselves very seriously as each persona in the band, but your music is really well-crafted and thoroughly worked on. Great album, and good luck to whatever you do in the future!

Steven – Thank you George! Great Questions. We appreciate your kind words and fully support the UNDERDOGS. We will catch up soon.

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